I like mountains, running and running over mountains. Sometimes not very far, sometimes very far. Even all the way around them. Naturally curious and creative, I like to explore my limits in beautiful places and occasionally try and see what’s on the other side of them. Sound familiar? You’ve come to the right place.

Born and raised in Chester, I grew into fell running when I moved to the Lake District in 2012, having read ‘Feet in the Clouds’ at University. Not one to take my time with things, 6 months later I was training for the Bob Graham Round and quickly discovered I had a passion and talent for the longer end of the endurance running spectrum.

In 2014 I left my cushy design engineer job with the intention of taking a year out to satisfy my curiosity about the world and do a few races along the way. It’s funny how things can work out… While spending many a long day in Snowdonia, I often wondered why there was no event in the UK like those in Europe, hence setting up Ultra-Trail Snowdonia.

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A sense of adventure and a desire to delve into the unknown was probably what drew me into this sport. Every race I start is an opportunity to apply what I’ve learnt about it with passion and suffering, but still I always find out something new about myself, as well as my ability. Ultra-running has provided a catalyst for self-discovery and a vehicle to dabble with my emotional and physical boundaries in a productive way. With a wealth of sucessful race experience I’m now ready to help others achieve their ultrarunning goals too.

Still out of step with the real world, the adventure continues…

I am proud to be supported by the brands to the right. All photography on this website by the talented John Shedwick.

Results & Achievements


CCC – 8th 11:31

Trans Gran Canaria 82km – 8th 8:21

Lakeland 100 – 1st 20:22

Ben Nevis Ultra – 3rd 13:03

Highland Fling – 3rd 7:29

Chester Ultra – 1st 7:30



Lakeland 100 – 1st 20:30.

V3K Ultra Skyrace – 1st 07:46.

3×3000 Ultra Trail Skyrace – 1st 10:25.

Mourne Skyline Skyrace – 5th 4:05.

Ring of Steall Skyrace – 6th 04:17.

Tarawera Ultra 102km New Zealand – 16th 10:25.

TDS – 182nd 24:08.

Cycled length of New Zealand during Tour Aotearoa



UTMB – 69th 29:08.

Cumbria Way Ultra Race – 1st 13:49.

V3K Ultra Skyrace – 3rd 07:57.

Trans Gran Canaria – 42nd Overall, 3rd U30 19:10.

Mont Blanc 80km – 39th 14:26.



Lakeland 100 – 5th 23:46.

Cycled Lands’ End – John O’Groats in 7 Days.



Bob Graham Round – 22:33.

V3K Ultra – 2nd 08:53.

Chester Marathon – 3:16.